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English Editing

Learning English can be hard … and writing can be even harder! Even if English is not your first language, I congratulate you for taking a chance and writing anyway. Still, do you wonder if your writing is correct or sounds natural to native English speakers? That’s where I can help. Whether it’s emails, articles, that book you’ve been working on, or even text messages, I love to help you make a great impression on English readers.

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Have something in Portuguese you want translated into English? Check this page.

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I also write stories & poetry!

Storytelling and self-expression are in the souls of every human being. Poetry can help us understand emotions or life events in the most creative ways. Stories have the power to entertain us, challenge our beliefs, and reassure us that we aren’t alone. If you enjoy the magical world of writing…

I invite you to my page of poetry and stories…


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Surf Culture & Geography Pages

About Americans

Learn random things about Americans and U.S. society

Lyrics “Explained”

See what song lyrics can teach about English, including popular slang and figurative speech

Adventures of Charles

Short stories for learning English terms and expressions

At the Movies

What movies can teach about our society and culture

The Actual English World

Learning about the world’s English-speaking countries

Earth’s Face

Interesting and beautiful places from around the world

Language Surf

Learn about other languages and topics related to language

Helpful Resources

Check resources that help in language learning and more

Latest Posts

Serviços de Tradução em Português

*Hi! Read this page in English Falando Português 274 milhões. Não, infelizmente esse não foi o valor do meu último salário! 274 milhões é o número de pessoas que falam português no mundo todo. Se você é uma delas, bem-vinda!…

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