A handful – “a grip”, “a host”, “wild” meanings & usage

Today’s terms: grip / host / wild

Charles went to the market, like he normally does. He was new to the neighborhood — to the whole country, in fact — and so he wanted to make a good first impression, you know, to test his new English skills. He’d studied for years and was finally going to get his chance. On the way he was scratching his chin, trying to recall all the names of produce items. 

Apple, hmm … Squash. Pomegranate. What is a pomegranate, again? 

As he continued to walk, a middle-aged man with a thick coat and beanie bumped into Charles. But Charles was cool about it. 

I’m so sorry, man. So sorry! 

Don’t worry about it, Mister. It was my fault. I hope you have a good day!

Charles noticed the man was pushing a shopping cart. 

Are you coming from the store?

The man made a confused look, then the information hit him. 

Ah, yes! I went to buy my groceries for the month. But I’m gonna stay with the cart. Not all of us have cars, I’m sure you’ve noticed. 

Sounds good! I was just on my way to the store, he tells the man. 

You should get yourself some greens. They’ve got a sale on the whole section. I went and grabbed me a grip of greens. Now all I need’s the bacon.

I’m sorry, you said “grib”?  

The man chuckled. 

Nah, I said grip. You know, like a host of greens? Gotta get them now before they run out. 

But he could tell that Charles was confused. 

I mean “a lot” of greens, bro. 

Oh, I see. So, a grip and a host can both mean “a lot”?

That’s right! A host is supposed to be someone who gives their space or time up for someone else. For some reason, it can be used to say a group of stuff, or a lot of stuff. Like, there was a whole host of people at that party! 

Charles nodded at these tips. 

Grip is supposed to be when you have a firm hold on something in your hand. I guess when people used to count money, they’d count it by the handful, or the “grip”. Now people just say it to mean “a lot” of something. It’s wild, huh?

Wild? Like, wild animals?

Haha, I got you again! Well, that’s the right idea. Wild just means “crazy” or “abnormal”, like, That movie was wild. The visual effects were like from another world! 

-It is wild! There’s so many words I don’t know yet. I’m not from here, you know.

Well, hey. Welcome. A lot of people don’t like to hear foreign languages here, but there’s still a grip of those who are interested in other cultures. I’m glad you’re learning.

Thanks for the tips! I’m going to keep on.

For sure, man! Take care. And don’t forget to grab a grip of greens when you get there!