Hateful balls – “haters” “hate on” “roll out” “rolling” meanings & uses

Terms: haters / to hate on / rolling / roll out

Listen to the audio and read if you want! Also, practice listening without reading and answer some follow-up questions here.



Thunder and hail ripped the sky apart as the particles of dust and water chased each other around in mid-flight. When the first drop touched it was like a prison alarm; everyone panicked like little ants into their homes and any other building that would shelter them. Charles was among these people, as he always was. He ran and ducked for cover, hoping to God his hood would protect his head from the falling balls of ice. His search for safety was more like a city-wide rejection since every place he went was too full. Eventually, he found cover under a bus stop and decided it best to stay there until the storm passed.

Man! Can you believe this weather, though?

It was a strange voice from behind him. Charles was shocked by her screechy timber.

Really? To me it seems normal. We’ve had bad weather almost every week now.

I know, right? It usually isn’t this cold and wet here. Usually hotter than this. And hail … Well, never!

I guess, Charles responded to the young lady. She was wearing a beanie and looked like she was on her way to work, or class, or something like that. 

It’ll pass soon, though. It can kinda suck sometimes living in this town.

She was referring to the weather, but Charles was reminded of his hard time getting used to being alone in a new country. 

Yeah, it really can suck. Sometimes people don’t understand you. Sometimes they say harsh things. It’s normal though, eh? 

He almost asked if she was passing through the same difficulties. She seemed to understand. 

Forget other people is what I say. They’re just a bunch of haters, hating on nice people. You know what I mean?

Charles thought a little and decided he didn’t quite know what she meant. 

Haters are people that hate you, right? Like they’re coming after you to hurt you?

Well, I mean, some haters do really want to hurt you, I would guess. Mostly, they’re just a bunch of unhappy people who don’t have a happy life and they want to sabotage others. That is, make them feel bad for no good reason. You get me?

Right, so they don’t really hate you, necessarily. They just say negative stuff.

Uh-huh. And if they hate on you, that’s their negativity in action, basically. No one likes a hater, so don’t hate on nobody.

The young lady laughed at this idea. Maybe she was remembering a song or some funny meme she saw about haters. Charles noticed her double-negative, but it sounded like an error she didn’t care to make.

That’s cool. I always heard that word but never knew how to use it.

Welp, now you know. 

The hail and drizzle started to slow down and a ray of sunlight was finally poking out from between some clouds. A rainbow was sure to follow.

Ahh, there’s the sun! Rolling. You wanna come with? I’m gonna meet some of my buds at the coffee shop. 

Charles’s head tilted in confusion. Not only did she forget to say, “come with me,” but she also seemed to randomly drop the word “rolling” into the middle of her sentence. 

Rolling? Does that have to do with wheels, like a ball or something?

Well, maybe. It’s like a car, if you think– The car rolls away, so me rolling is like “going somewhere.” 

I see.

The lady continued, — I guess it was a little confusing how I said it. Rolling, it’s the same as if I’d said, “I’m going,” or, “Let’s go.” It’s the same as saying, “Let’s roll out.” It shows that I wanna move away from here, haha. 

Okay, so it’s like saying you want to go somewhere. I get it. 

Exactly! So what do you say? Wanna get a tall, bubbling-hot coffee? 

Yeah! Let’s roll.

They both laughed, then left the protection of the bus stop to face a roaring storm … and a bubbling hot cup of coffee.

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