“Where” I go? – “my bad” “there you go” “there it is” and more, meanings & uses

Terms: my bad / There you go / There it is / There you have it

Listen to the audio here and follow along as you read. You can also listen to the audio by itself here and answer some follow-up questions to practice!

Thanks to my student Bianca V. for helping me with this audio!

Charles had butterflies in his stomach. He’d just left a very pleasant date with a young lady … What was her name? Oh, did it matter? He’d find out soon enough. They had gone out with each other three times already, yet they’d never asked for each other’s names. It felt like a game they were playing, pretending they didn’t care when they were dying to know! They had to find out eventually. If anything, at least they wouldn’t turn into secret stalkers on each other’s social media.

Still, Charles couldn’t get her image out of his mind. Her unique voice led to her strong perfume and led to her strong expressions then …


A careless man bumped into Charles while he was daydreaming, seemingly on purpose. “Rude!” he thought, but he didn’t say anything out loud. The man was wearing earbuds. When he noticed he’d bumped into Charles he unplugged his ear holes.

Oh, man. My bad, I didn’t mean to run into you like that. 

Charles accepted his apology with a nod which made him feel a little better. The man went back to his normal expression and touched the signal to get off the bus. As he heard the signal, Charles replayed the little encounter again in his head. 

“Now arriving … Twelfth Street and Main … DING.”

Wait, Charles whispered, and he followed the “music man” off of the bus. 

Once they were off Charles poked him and said, —Excuse me!

The man took out his earbuds again.

Hey, bro. I said I was sorry–

No, it’s not that. I heard you say something I’ve been hearing a lot lately. But, I don’t know what it means. My bad?

What? I hope you didn’t get off at the wrong stop just to ask me a question. 

Charles shook his head “No.” 

Okay. Yeah, I mean, my bad. It’s the same as, “I’m sorry.” Or worse, “Forgive me.” It’s a good way to say it without sounding too serious, without sounding too sorry. It’s smooth and easy, but it can also be heartfelt. “My bad, man.

Charles was elated. 

Thank you! I have been trying to understand this phrase since forever. I finally know it! 

Haha, well, there you go. No need to thank me. Google knows the same things.

There I go?

Whoop, did I confuse you again?

Charles nodded.

Figures. There you go is kinda like, “You’re welcome,” but especially after I gave you something, like information. I guess a physical object too. It can be like, “Here it is.” 

So, I can give someone some cereal they’re reaching for on a high shelf and say, “There you go.” It doesn’t sound like I’m asking him to leave?

No way! It’s super polite and kind. Though, if someone is acting weird or bad, you can say There you go, again! It’s like that song. “There she goes again.” 

Charles laughed at his singing voice.

The girl in her song probably did something she didn’t like, so she says, “There she goes, again!” Or if someone does something you like, you say, “There you go! Good job.” It’s different from, There you have it, which we say when something is ending or being decided. “Manchester won the game. Well, there you have it.” Same with, There it is. That’s the result.

I get it. Wow, I guess there’s a lot for me to learn still. My bad for stopping you at the bus stop like this.

No problem, my man! Anytime. Well …

Then the two laughed at the man’s mild sarcasm. 

Do you need some change for the next bus? It’s the least I could do after ramming you like I did.

No, it’s not necessary. I have it in my pocket. 

Suits me! Take care, man. I’m gonna head on. 

He reached his hand out to bump Charles’s fist.

There it is! See you around.

Charles gave the man a smile and watched him leave. Then he started walking down the long avenue that would take him home.

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