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  • ‘My’ Life Doesn’t Exist
    …and neither does ‘yours’ My life doesn’t exist. There is no such thing. Your life is also fantastical, a fake — it is a falsity. It’s one way to see, this view resulted from society. Sounds like madness! Of course, I haven’t explained myself. Let me explain… Life belongs to … Continue reading
  • II. Faints
    Antagonists – Chapter 2 (Explicit) WANDERING in the last hot rays of the evening, brother and sister reach an ice cream truck. The truck is parked in the middle of a crosswalk, playing the usual melodic music like from a bedtime story, all the while flashing a red cross on … Continue reading
  • That time I knocked over a Vietnam Vet
    Grampa was a rolling stone! Some days they’d make fun of funny-looking people, some days they’d laugh at each other. There was this one time when Neboh’s grandpa came to visit him for a while. Unexpectedly in the process, Neboh ended up knocking down his poor Grampa, as he was … Continue reading
  • I. My Throat Clogging Up
    Antagonists – Chapter 1 (Explicit Version) A HAZY sun settles between two ridges splayed like camel humps. Its rays cover the arid sky in a blood-orange liquid blended then spewed out past the unknown. The horizon creates an ether smoldering in gun smoke and gassy fumes. This is the world … Continue reading