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West Circassian – Адыгабзэ – кӀахыбзэ – Adıgabzə – k’axıbzə

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a Circassian language of Russia (Caucasus region) and Turkey, in the Northwest Caucasian family


~ 575,900

Black Sea Coast Dialects of Adyghe

  • Shapsug (Шапсыгъабзэ)
    • North Shapsugs (Great Shapsugs, Kuban Shapsugs, Шапсыгъэ шху)
    • Kfar Kama (Кфар Камэм ишапсыгъэбзэ)
    • Temirgoy Shapsugs (Pseuşko accent, Кӏэмгуе-шапсыгъ)
    • South Shapsugs (Small Shapsugs, Coastal Shapsugs, Black Sea Shapsugs, Шапсыгъэ-цӏыкӏу)
    • Hakuchi (ХьакӀуцубзэ, Къарацхаибзэ)
  • Natukhai (Natukhaj, Natuqwai, Нэтӏхъуаджэбзэ)

Kuban River Dialects of Adyghe

  • Bzhedug (Бжъэдыгъубзэ)
  • Temirgoy (Chemirgoy, Kemgui, КӀэмыгуябзэ, КӀэмгуибзэ)
  • Abzakh (Aбдзэхабзэ)


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