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Talking Portuguese

274 million. No, sadly that’s not the number on my last paycheck! 274 million is the number of people that speak Portuguese around the globe. If you’re one of them, bem-vindo! It is a language famed for its melody, musical cadence (sometimes, its harshness), and its many many variations. Like English, Portuguese is a world language spoken on several continents. Also like English, people write in Portuguese … a lot. It’s actually the sixth most-used language on the internet.

Who am I?

Right, so I am Trystn Waller. Pleased to meet you! The Portuguese language has been a passion of mine, as with so many Americans, ever since I watched City of God. Maybe not the best introduction, I know. From my teens until now (over a decade, I’ll admit) I’ve been studying and using Portuguese. For several of the most recent years, I’ve been using the language every day and have lived periodically in Brazil.

I have been lucky to work on all types of translation projects, ranging from:

  • ebook translation
  • audio transcription & translation
  • word lists
  • localization
  • live phone interpretation
  • & AI correction training

It is not only a job but a true interest I have in turning Portuguese words and ideas into English. That’s where I’d like to help you.

Your Words, Translated

Writing in Portuguese can be hard enough! Still, I know many people not only want to share their stories, their ideas, and their discoveries in their native language. Even though there are tons of Portuguese speakers, there are many more that speak English. Many of you have tapped into this fact, and you know you want to turn your words into English. You want to be read not just by the Portuguese world, but by the entire world. Well, at least more of the world. But where do you start this journey? How do you get translated into English?

As someone who consumes and uses Portuguese on a daily basis, I feel very comfortable reading and understanding it. The most familiar accents for me are from Brazil, and those are the accents I can translate most comfortably. Although, in writing, I can understand European and African varieties of Portuguese too, as long as there isn’t too much regional slang or references that only apply to that region. But, who knows? Nowadays there are so many ways to find out expressions and slang online.


As a rule, I try to translate only from Portuguese into English because no matter how much I learn, I’ll probably never be able to express myself as fluently as I can in my first language, English. The types of services I provide for translation are as diverse as the language itself. Do you have a script for a video or a manuscript for a memoir? What about a list of words, an email to be sent, or an audio file? Maybe you write articles on the internet, or you want to write a card for someone on the other side of the world.

Whatever your needs, I’d love to help. The point isn’t just to convert your words into English; it is to help you express information and ideas to an English-speaking audience. With experience in editing and proofreading, I can also make sure that the translation looks natural and right for native English speakers.

As a note, I am not qualified for or very knowledgeable about legal or medical translations. For specialized texts with lots of technical terminologies, I suggest seeking a translator specialized in the appropriate legal, medical, and other fields.

Find out more about my editing services here.


Pricing for translations depends on the type of project. Normally for longer projects, I charge per word. Depending on the project, some may be more suitable for an hourly price or finished assignment price. For very small documents or projects, I charge a minimum of $10. Payments can be done through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle. We can absolutely discuss alternative payment options if these are not available in your country.

Feel free to contact me and we can decide if my services are the right fit for you and your needs. Let’s set up a call!

Tell me what you want to translate

email: tietewaller@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +1(310)957-7463

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Your Words into English – Editing Service

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The Challenge of Writing

First off, I want to thank you for stopping by! Since you’re here, you might be interested in editing services (or maybe, you haven’t gotten that far yet). There are so many reasons these days to know English. You may be a teacher, an author, an attorney … maybe, you own a business. But let’s face it; it is not the easiest language out there. Sure, it’s not so hard to be understood when you speak, but writing with correct grammar in a way that sounds natural to native English speakers can be a serious challenge. I’d like to ease that challenge for you.

Who am I?

Hi, Trystn Waller here. As a speaker of English as my first language, raised in California, USA, I’ve had experience in several language fields from:

  • language tutoring
  • transcription
  • translation
  • editing
  • & proofreading.

I’ve also done proofreading for video scripts. Just for fun, I do some content writing, poetry, and fiction as well. The last several years of my professional life have been centered on language, especially how the English language is unique and fun. Although, I have realized just how difficult it can be for a second-language speaker to get right.

While working on numerous projects, I realized that my favorite ones involved assisting writers who were not born English speakers. Some of these writers could speak English well and even used it in their daily lives. Still, they wanted to make sure that their writing was grammatically correct, spelling was on point, and that the language used sounded as natural as possible. I was happy to help. Now, let’s talk about you.

Your turn

What is your story? What are you writing in English? It could be a memoir, a fictional tale, or a collection of poems. How creative of you! Maybe you write emails for work or have reports to type up. Are there documents or assignments you need to be edited? You might even text someone in English and need to make sure you’re saying the right things. No one likes to commit faux pas (excuse my French). Whatever you are writing, I want to help you make it great–or, at least read like natural writing. Of course, it depends on your goals.

* * *

Services & Pricing

The primary services I provide are editing, proofing, and localization of text into this crazy language called English. My goal is to help writers express information and ideas for English-speaking audiences.

Pricing is usually based on a per-word basis. This is subject to change depending on the type of project. For example, with projects that have many small documents, it might be better to set a price per document. For very short documents, I will charge a minimum $13 fee. Payments can be done through PayPal, Venmo, CashApp, or Zelle.

We can work out a price and payment plan that suit your specific needs. Contact me to see if my services are right for you. Maybe we can set up a call!

I am also fluent in Portuguese (Brazil) and can offer translation and/or editing services from Portuguese into English. Find out more aqui.

Tell me about your editing needs

email: tietewaller@gmail.com

Whatsapp: +1(310)957-7463

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