Hateful balls (audio version)


More audio! Hi English learners. I have another recording for you to listen to. This is the audio version of the post “Hateful balls”, which you can read and listen by clicking here. If you want to just test listening, you are in the right place! I went over a few terms here in the audio, so test your skills. Also, share this with someone you know is learning English, or to anyone who likes listening to audios. Cool? Thanks a lot and take care!

*I respond to comments 🙂

In the comments:

  1. Can you write rolling or roll out in your own sentence?
  2. Do you think having haters is a good or bad thing? Why?
  3. What do you think of people who hate on others?

4 Websites to Practice Reading English like a Native

Are you learning English and wondered where you can practice your reading skills? Here are a few suggestions of free, paid, and limited sites where you can find interesting content. Of course, almost any webpage in English is great for reading practice. Comment with any suggestions you have and share them with the community!

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Free sites

Quora logo 2015, quora is a website for questions and answers and great for English students

Quora is a great community information hub. Choose topics that interest you and read about them. Answer questions if you know them, and get any questions answered. There are tons of areas dedicated just to English and languages if you want to stick with that. There are also different languages available, so you can join the version of Quora in your native language if you like. I’m on there in Portuguese and Spanish too.

The Guardian
The Guardian 15 January 2018, magazine online that can help English students with reading practice

This is an online magazine for reading about the news. They actually cover lots of interesting topics, so stay up to date on a variety of topics from science to urban planning to languages and more. It’s also a British site, so you can work out your British English reading skills.

Paid or limited sites

Logo for Medium.com, website where readers can practice English

Medium is another community site where experts on a variety of subjects share their advice and experiences. Choose from a number of interesting topics to customize your profile. Subjects range from science to languages, sports to politics, and even sexual experiences. If you think you’re an expert, it’s free to post your own articles too. They are also available for writing in several different languages. To read they have a free plan that is limited to just a few articles a month, but it’s worth taking advantage of!

Esquire Magazine January 2013 cover

Esquire is a traditional and popular news magazine. Online, you can catch up on world news and current events. They also have tons of content great for practicing reading skills in your free time. They also are paid and have very limited free access. Geared as a men’s magazine, they share lots of lifestyle content as well.