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From what? The craziness of the world, of course! Stories and poetry have the ability to lift us off and take us to other worlds, other realities, and to realize our deepest desires (or fears!). In this process of getting lost in the fantasy, we may even discover a deeper truth about our world, or find ourselves within these imaginative tales. I’ve sought to find myself and get lost simultaneously in my writings … I hope you can do the same.

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So, I guess this is my “about the author” section. Crazy! Well, I’m NEBOH (no expert but of himself)–Nothing special. I’m just here to share stories and poems that are dear to me and my experience. Hopefully, they strike a chord with one of you, help you to “escape,” or feel listened to.

I also provide editing services which you can check out. If you want a place to share your writing, feel free to do it here. Read my contact page for more info!

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